When I felt like everything was falling apart again, I reminded myself that this was a new chapter of my life, and I had the strength within me to fill its pages.

Keys to Self-Care in College" by Alyse Ruriani

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9404) I’m so sick of this! Everyone thinks I’m fine because I’m entirely healthy except from my head. I’m sick of constantly putting myself down, holding myself back and I know that this disorder is just in my head. I’m beautiful! I know I am I just can’t see it like others do and I want to so much because my life would be completely different now if I could accept it and use it as an asset. But how am I supposed to escape from myself - my only threat?

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Willst du nicht drüber reden oder tut es so weh, dass du lieber schweigst? (via farblos-sinnlos)

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